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Coaching Improves Performance

Koached Automates Coaching!

Koached leverages intelligent automation and decision support software in conjunction with real-time communication tools to coach people in real-time to Learn / Execute / Master tasks!



We improve the adoption and proficiency of a subject by coaching people to better learn a subject.



We ensure the completion of tasks and fulfillment of goals by persistently engaging people and escalating when necessary.



We help people master their tasks by ensuring they are doing deliberate practice for continuous improvement.

Real-time Automated Coaching Engine

  • Sales Prospecting

    Sales Prospecting

    Prospecting / Cold Calling is the most effective way to generate new qualified leads. Our Prospecting Bootcamp works with a salesperson to build a 3-month prospecting plan that outlines specific prospecting targets. Koached then pushes the plan’s execution to ensure that the salesperson is meeting and exceeding their targets.

  • Konditioning


    We all know that exercise is important, but when you spend all day in an office, it is difficult to find the time. Konditioning pushes you to meet daily exercise goals five times throughout the day. Each exercise takes less than 10 minutes, and can be done in the workplace. We track your progress to ensure you stay on track.

  • Beyond Training

    Beyond Training

    Companies spend billions of dollars every year on expensive training that rarely gets implemented. Koached pushes the implementation of the training be engaging the student after the training is over. We coach the training curriculum so that it is implemented and mastered.